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"The Dance Of The Moth"

Llevo mucho leyendo este poema y aun me encanta por eso lo comparto

"The Dance Of The Moth"
by OctoberAzriel

Few have ever witnessed the dancing of the moth
When he flits across the ceiling in the night
A most magical scene as he dances back and forth
And he's never lacking elegance in flight

As he swoops and twirls to a song all his own
A song, of which, us humans will never hear
And at first glance he appears to dance alone
A closer look reveals that something's there

Once he had a partner he loved with all his heart
And when she passed she left a piece behind
For their souls could not bare to ever have to part
So she left her shadow there for him to find

For this serenade's designed not for one but two
It's a tribute for the lovers on this night
Once again they have danced, as lovers often do
Souls entwined together in their flight

They, then, made one last circle around the room
Wings fluttering they flew side-by-side
It seems the sun's rays that morning came too soon
He gave a bow, settled down, and died

Sometimes I lay awake in the middle of the night
Watching shadows as they dance back and forth
And, still, I've yet to see as beautiful a sight
As when I watched the dance of the moth.

Esta es la interpretacion de "the dance of the moth" by oponok @devianART and iloveit :) enjoy it!

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